Excel Watch List Spreadsheet for Value Investors

December 28, 2012


Online watch lists are great for keeping tabs on potential investment opportunities but they’re limited in that it can be difficult to add columns for custom data such as intrinsic value, price targets, etc. I usually use an excel spreadsheet to manage my watchlist. This allows me to add any columns required to include additional information about the stock, and has the added benefit of being able to pull this information directly from my analysis itself (which I also keep in excel format). Today I am going to show you a sample excel watch list spreadsheet, and make it available for you to download and experiment with.

Here is a screenshot of the spreadsheet I am currently using as a watch list (click to enlarge):


This is a very simple spreadsheet, and unfortunately the current version of it requires manual data entry. In future versions I will implement a macro to automatically pull this data from the web. Following are some key highlights / features:

  • Includes columns for intrinsic value, target price, and current price.
  • Conditional formatting highlights stocks green that are below the target price, and orange if they are below intrinsic value but above the target price.
  • The variance between the current stock price and target price is calculated and shown as both a dollar amount and a percentage.
  • The right half of the table allows entry of the key metrics used at the time the valuation was calculated.
  • The number of days between reviews can be set (default 90 days). When the last review date of a stock was more than this number of days ago, the cells get highlighted yellow as a reminder.
  • Filters have been enabled – for a long watch list you can Filter by color to show only those stocks that are less than intrinsic value, or the target price.


Free download of the Value Investor’s Watch List:

The image, “Excel Icon” is copyright © 2012 Vincent Garnier and made available under a CC Attribution Noncommercial NoDerivs 3.0 license.

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