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The Stockodo Seven: Edition #2

January 11, 2013

Four of a KindWelcome to the 2nd edition of the Stockodo 7, where I’ll review the top seven reads I’ve come across over the past couple of weeks and pay thanks to some of my supporters. It’s been an interesting week, as the whole fiscal cliff situation didn’t really play out as I predicted and it will be interesting to see what happens next. I had really been hoping for some great values to surface due to the uncertainty in the economy, but there’s a chance that it’s now behind us.

  1. One Cent at a Time published a great article on the 10 Habits of Wealthy and Successful People that we all Know. I actually read this article a few times – it seems like common sense at first, but there are a few ideas here that had some additional meaning.
  2. Dividend Growth Investor presents a list of Seven Companies expected to Grow Dividends in 2013. Dividend strategies come secondary to my value investment ideas, but I still follow them closely and will write about them from time to time. This is a great post that presents some good opportunities for 2013.
  3. Money Mamba shares an interesting Post on Investing in Japan. I tend to avoid overseas markets. This article reminds me why.
  4. Robert @ The College Investor shares his tips on Dollar Cost Averaging vs. Lump Sum Investing. I occasionally write about entry strategies as well, and found this article interesting since it mirrors some of my own ideas.
  5. Matt Alden @ Dividend Monk has shared an excellent analysis of Kinder Morgan. I am really enjoying following his investment style that combines value and dividend growth.
  6. John @ Frugal Rules shares some of his favorite investment tools. I have covered a few of them in recent posts myself and agree with his assessment.
  7. Rob Berger @ Dough Roller has written an excellent guide to Revitalizing your Finances in 12 months. He presents it in a step-by-step format with links to various resources for each step.

Special Thanks

I’d like to pay special thanks to the following people who have featured or mentioned Stockodo recently. Although the site has only been around a short while, it’s growing faster than I imagined. I really appreciate everyone’s help & support!

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