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Stockodo Seven: Edition #3

January 28, 2013

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January has been a great month for the market, contrary to my prediction made at the end of December. There has been a few surprises however, notably the decline in Apple (AAPL) stock to levels not seen in the past 12 months. Following are my top seven reading recommendations for this week, as well as special thanks to those who have supported Stockodo recently.

Great Reads

  1. The Market Archive presents some interesting thoughts on the Aluminum industry and where it’s headed. With the global economy (and China in particular) now in growth mode many metals will see growth as well.
  2. Brett @ WStreet Stocks shares a speculative investment in Pacific Drilling. Phenomenal growth possibility, but is it worth it at this valuation?
  3. Matt @ Dividend Monk provides an excellent analysis of Costco, from a dividend investor’s perspective. Low yield, but will it’s dividend growth prospects make up for it?
  4. Marvin @ Brick by Brick Investing schools us in the use of Bear Put Spreads. A useful strategy for when it is believed that a stock will decline within a specific timeframe.
  5. Vanessa @ Vanessa’s Money shares a humorous list of financial lessons she learned at school. Definitely different than my education!
  6. Avik @ One Cent at a Time outlines the 51 mistakes to avoid while selling a home. I’m planning to sell my home sometime in the next few years and these are some useful tips.
  7. JT McGee @ Money Mamba discusses Mark Cuban’s take on the Stock Market. An interesting point of view.

Special Thanks

Photograph entitled “Lucky Number Seven” Copyright © 2013 by YourRisingStorm. Used with permission.

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