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Stockodo Seven: Edition #3

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January has been a great month for the market, contrary to my prediction made at the end of December. There has been a few surprises however, notably the decline in Apple (AAPL) stock to levels not seen in the past 12 months. Following are my top seven reading recommendations for this week, as well as special thanks to those who have supported Stockodo recently.

Great Reads

  1. The Market Archive presents some interesting thoughts on the Aluminum industry and where it’s headed. With the global economy (and China in particular) now in growth mode many metals will see growth as well.
  2. Brett @ WStreet Stocks shares a speculative investment in Pacific Drilling. Phenomenal growth possibility, but is it worth it at this valuation?
  3. Matt @ Dividend Monk provides an excellent analysis of Costco, from a dividend investor’s perspective. Low yield, but will it’s dividend growth prospects make up for it?
  4. Marvin @ Brick by Brick Investing schools us in the use of Bear Put Spreads. A useful strategy for when it is believed that a stock will decline within a specific timeframe.
  5. Vanessa @ Vanessa’s Money shares a humorous list of financial lessons she learned at school. Definitely different than my education!
  6. Avik @ One Cent at a Time outlines the 51 mistakes to avoid while selling a home. I’m planning to sell my home sometime in the next few years and these are some useful tips.
  7. JT McGee @ Money Mamba discusses Mark Cuban’s take on the Stock Market. An interesting point of view.

Special Thanks

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The Stockodo Seven: Edition #2

Four of a KindWelcome to the 2nd edition of the Stockodo 7, where I’ll review the top seven reads I’ve come across over the past couple of weeks and pay thanks to some of my supporters. It’s been an interesting week, as the whole fiscal cliff situation didn’t really play out as I predicted and it will be interesting to see what happens next. I had really been hoping for some great values to surface due to the uncertainty in the economy, but there’s a chance that it’s now behind us.

  1. One Cent at a Time published a great article on the 10 Habits of Wealthy and Successful People that we all Know. I actually read this article a few times – it seems like common sense at first, but there are a few ideas here that had some additional meaning.
  2. Dividend Growth Investor presents a list of Seven Companies expected to Grow Dividends in 2013. Dividend strategies come secondary to my value investment ideas, but I still follow them closely and will write about them from time to time. This is a great post that presents some good opportunities for 2013.
  3. Money Mamba shares an interesting Post on Investing in Japan. I tend to avoid overseas markets. This article reminds me why.
  4. Robert @ The College Investor shares his tips on Dollar Cost Averaging vs. Lump Sum Investing. I occasionally write about entry strategies as well, and found this article interesting since it mirrors some of my own ideas.
  5. Matt Alden @ Dividend Monk has shared an excellent analysis of Kinder Morgan. I am really enjoying following his investment style that combines value and dividend growth.
  6. John @ Frugal Rules shares some of his favorite investment tools. I have covered a few of them in recent posts myself and agree with his assessment.
  7. Rob Berger @ Dough Roller has written an excellent guide to Revitalizing your Finances in 12 months. He presents it in a step-by-step format with links to various resources for each step.

Special Thanks

I’d like to pay special thanks to the following people who have featured or mentioned Stockodo recently. Although the site has only been around a short while, it’s growing faster than I imagined. I really appreciate everyone’s help & support!

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The Stockodo Seven: First Edition

Red number sevenMost other blogs have a weekly wrap-up of sorts, summarizing interesting articles and tools they’ve found over the prior week. I’m going to the same – and even decided to give my summary a particularly cheesy name, just to add to the entertainment value of course! Every 1 – 2 weeks I’ll be summarizing the best posts from other blogs in the investing / finance world and sharing them here with you. Enjoy, and Happy New Year!

Great Reads

  1. Brett Wilson at WStreetStocks points out 2 Small Cap Low PEG Stocks that are worth taking a look at. I love Arctic Cat machines, and doughnuts too for that matter!
  2. There’s a great article at Old School Value written by Jae Jun outlining 6 Strong Small Cap Stocks to Take You into 2013. One of them on the list – Rue21 – is one that I’ve written about recently as well.
  3. EBIX is a company that I’ve recently bought stock in after a recent significant drop in it’s price due to some bad press. The Long Term Value Blog has done a great job looking at EBIX in detail and made some observations regarding whether there is any validity to some of the claims made.
  4. Aswath Damodaran over at Musings on Markets has written one of the best summaries I’ve read to date on Apple in 2012. Definitely worth checking out.
  5. Our Freaking Budget is one of the most entertaining (and great looking) blogs I’ve come across in a while. Joanna wrote a cool article on New Year’s Resolutions that have inspired some of my own.
  6. For anyone interested in learning some basics on Technical Analysis, Marvin has written an extremely clear and easy to understand article on How to Identify Support & Resistance at Brick by Brick Investing.
  7. I review corporate and project budgets as part of my day job, but never have I come across a more entertaining budget review than the one I recently read on iHeartBudgets.

Special Thanks

A special thank you to Greg McFarlane at Control Your Cash for featuring a recent article I wrote on the Carnival of Wealth! I appreciate it!