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Top 2 Websites for 10-Year Historical Stock Data

There are hundreds of websites around that provide real-time quotes and basic fundamental data for stocks such as P/E ratio, EPS, etc. Usually only current information is available however, as of the current trading day. Value investors by contrast often need up to 10 years of historical fundamental stock data to complete their research. Fortunately there¬†are two¬†excellent websites available that provide free ten year historical data. We’re going to look at both of them today. Continue reading

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Excel Watch List Spreadsheet for Value Investors


Online watch lists are great for keeping tabs on potential investment opportunities but they’re limited in that it can be difficult to add columns for custom data such as intrinsic value, price targets, etc. I usually use an excel spreadsheet to manage my watchlist. This allows me to add any columns required to include additional information about the stock, and has the added benefit of being able to pull this information directly from my analysis itself (which I also keep in excel format). Today I am going to show you a sample excel watch list spreadsheet, and make it available for you to download and experiment with. Continue reading

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Stock Quotes in Excel with Office 2013

Stock market quotes on cubeMicrosoft Office 2013 is rolling out now, and is finally adding some functionality that will enable stock quotes to be dynamically updated in our excel worksheets. Currently, stock prices must typically be updated manually by hand, or through the use of clunky web queries and/or macros. Office 2013 incorporate the addition of Office Apps, one of which is called Bing Finance and automatically connects to Morningstar to download stock data for the selected tickers. Let’s have a look and see how this works. Continue reading

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Calculating the PV & FV of Investments with Excel

microsoft-excel-logoMost of the stock valuation methods we use as value investors require some form of calculating the present value of a future investment, or determining what a dollar amount today will be worth X number of years in the future. What we are talking about here are present value and future value calculations. The equations themselves are not that complex, but Microsoft Excel has both functions built-in, so why not take advantage of this. Continue reading

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Calculating CAGR for historical data with Excel

One very common task that we are faced with when analyzing historical data is the calculation of compound annual growth rate (CAGR). While possible to calculate by hand, it’s a somewhat tedious equation so fortunately for us Microsoft Excel has built in functions to do the calculations for us. This quick tutorial will show you how, using historical EPS data for Caterpillar (CAT). Continue reading

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